Seven Questions to Ask About RIA Equity

For people who make a living dealing with stocks and bonds all day, Advisors are scandalously uninformed when it comes to the equity deals they sign up for when they switch firms, especially in the Independent space. This is shocking, considering so many of them lost so much money on their firms equity when the Wirehouses and Banks went belly up in the financial crisis.


Wirehouse White Paper: Culture, Platform, Leadership and Execution


A Comprehensive Evaluation of The Current Wirehouse Environment 



The landscape for both global investment banks and “wirehouses” in general have seen dramatic changes from multiple angles over the past 6 years. The very definition of the term wirehouse and how it is applied has changed as has the operating environment in which these organizations compete.


Morbid Investments Become Wealth Planning Strategy

The life insurance settlement has come a long way in the past 20 years.  It has shed some of its misconceptions while becoming more mainstream, and each year the industry continues its evolution.  Today, life settlement companies perform free annual evaluations of policies, and insureds can sell a portion of their death benefit to a settlement company while keeping the remainder for their beneficiaries.